​Mr. Policeman//spoken word:

Tutaishi maisha kamili ama maisha nusu shari?

Kazi yako kumaintain law and order ama kutumada kinusu mkati? 

Utalinda Judy na Caro ama utadeal nao carrot-tically! 

Badala kushika wezi, we umegeuka mkono refu arm of government totally hikupati judiciary! 

So raia haezi pata justice kwa judiciary juu mr policeman uko just-ease na bakora ya torture!

So kwa gate tunaku-hire utulinde na ni sisi tunakosa haya!

Umeekwa kwa traffic u-control traffic jam kumbe ni gem ya bread unasaka behind the traffic lights!

Huko kisumu ulitumwa ueke amani lakini imani yako ni kutia sumu kisumu!

Nairobi ulifaa ukue kama referee lakini tables turned ukakuwa opponent like a summer among winter Luckysummer, na hio ndo contrast ya maisha!

Choice yako ya maisha ni voice yangu kutisha na apparently hio ndo style ya kuzusha! 

Agenda yako ya security-guard imechange na S.E ikawa curity-guard where unatu-guard na curiosity! 

Your duty to protect ime-diminish to zero probability and its now a duty to protest!

My line of verdict is your way of bandit and hypothetically life moves unquestioned!

Kamba za chai umekaza, destiny ya uhai umelegeza na side mirror za wizi ndo kusema!

“I mr. Policeman do swear to defend and protect my country” has turned into “I Mr policeman do swear to offend and protest my country! ”

Juxtaposition has changed the letters of police station to polish-station, mnasema tunashrub and that’s the naked truth, if I lie then a Luo must be crazy!

Kazi ya live bullets imekuwa casual kama jeans wear ndo maana casualties wamekuwa wengi kama under wear!

 juu bullets zinawapata unaware !

Mnatuforce tu-believe utumishi ni kwa wote yet utumishi yenu iko na words mbili *utu na *mishi nyi mko na utu lakini hamjui kuishi!

Slogan zenu ni powerful powerful kama Harambee, lakini decision zenu ni harassing harassing kama, hara_mbee!

Mkubwa wenu ni Boinet niambieni kama hatawai bomoa net!

Time mnaspend training ni timeless, yote tisa kumi kulinda life ndo cha maana juu tag utapata ni priceless, itakuwa tu worthless ukii-render lifeless!! 
Shukran @jeffjavies….



Love and passion for something comes when somebody realizes the benefits of its existence in their lives. It may be an activity, a moment, a person, a pet; just anything that brings a smile on one’s face. Such things will always create an epoch of beauty in one’s lifetime. They will define his or her happiness in most of her days, they will also create a memory of sadness. In my opinion, it’s a challenge for one to completely choose a single item as his or her best. This will depend on the environment, the situation or even the moment in life when one is in need of a certain thing or person as their savior or consolation. It’s absence will cause a deep pain or sorrow leading to hatred, negative attitude opinion towards something or someone.
I remember when I was a small kid growing up with one of my best friends in the village was one of the best moments ever. His name was Dennis. Each day that could pass without me seeing him was like a fight with the storm. We became so bonded to each other. The most fascinating thing about deep love or liking someone is that you care less about what the next person feels. You put in your best, you do the extra ordinary regardless of the effort put in by the second party; just to bring happiness and joy in their life if not yours. As years passed I met other people, I loved other things and life changed. His presence to me grew up to be normal just like any other friend I had. This not only worked on him, but also other things I grew up with. My love for them grew less as I tried to accommodate the love of other new things, other people in my life. My love for football grew to zero probability, I fell sick in the presence of other buddies, I came to hate swimming in the river, and Gothic lifestyle of hunting became my worse on the list and many more other activities or people. This was due to exposure, I was exposed to new people new activities, new things like milk, ice cream, popcorn, indomie, deep fried chicken and many more which became my favourite compared to sweet potatoes, chapati, cassava and many more in them days.

Sometimes the only way to move forward is to revisit things in the past that holds us back. Sometimes terrible or marvelous things happen to us when we are kids, things that cannot define who we are or who we become whether we want them to or not; some of us become stronger as others become weak. There is only that in the darkest of the nights that we truly see the light and know got sure we are never alone. This works in the name of love which can send one to the furthest of edges. Fear as a precursor to failure, love brings light, joy, success in one’s life depending on the level of its magnitude for the parties.

Love as a word has been defining change in many individuals’ lives. In its presence neither do the swift escape but does the strong master their strength. So I came to love many things. I have come to appreciate many individuals in life regardless of class, status or family history. My life has been a multitask in relation to love. For instance, daily I cannot do without my Infinix ×510 phone which has become my best friend in terms of depression and loneliness. My love for poetry categorically spoken word art, has immensely made a flush and glow in my life. With the help of my phone both of them have held me tight and not letting me go anytime soon. Such love is beyond definition for it has grown internally day in day out. For instance when I was a small kid my favourite meal was any meal that has got rise or pasta in it. To date, I have grown to have a deep love for the meal. My love for vegetables has grown low. This shows that there are other things that may change in life but one may still have a strong love for them.

Upon waking up I could not stand the presence of my dad. It brought me a deep hatred without a definite explanation. It reminded me on growing up without him, my mum doing the extra ordinary jobs just to make ends meet for us in his absence. But life has its course. As I grew up I came to realise that life is a planned fate, it chooses for us where to be to it will never choose for us whom to love or what to appreciate in life. Love as one of the emotions that is always positive one will always find a way out of the ordinary to find or love something. Love comes naturally; one cannot feign affection or be cynical about love.

Life is like twinning road, it’s destination is basically not definite but at least one got the hopes of arriving at a specified place. That’s how love and affection is. One falls in love with someone new or blood, the affection grows deeper and this can even lead to addiction. In all these the ultimate result is being loved back or having a feeling that your worthiness is appreciated.

I came to fall in love with my pet, a dog, his name was Rex. Daily I could wash him, feed him, make for him his bed and make sure that his gradual treatment was up-to date. We could play the whole afternoon to evening without getting bored to each other. But this changed when he died. I felt tears down my cheek but that was the end of us. Even though I still remember his presence in my life; rarely do I fantasize of our moments together. This is due to other things I have fallen in love for. New pets, new stories and life goes on for it never cease. For once I fell for a lady but as time moved, I found soul mate the person I could feel for like a day. She is everything to me till now. My love for her grows daily as the light of the full moon. For once I have to realise that love can be restored, love can be rebuild, love can be given an epoch of beauty. But at the same time love can be killed, love can be made dim, love can be demolished and rubbed off to non-existence. In all this it depends on how one views life and the goals of living.

My list has grown, my perception has changed, my stereotype has been manipulated for positivity. Laugh, love, learn and grow has been the epitome of my smiling face day in day out. Starting to my best subject way back in primary school to my best career choice, starting with my mum’s best meal to my best prepared meal, starting from my best friend to my best friend and girlfriend. The historians made and unmade, some buried deep never to be erased, as some forgotten in them days have come to define my personality. In there absence then my definition becomes incomplete. I love my MAMA, my profession, I love my talent in writing, I love my phone, laptop, pen, notebook, friends, clothes, the list is ending but they all share the same them, they are loved. They be the gasser in my life, reduces the blizzard of failures. My confidence is an overdose for I don’t bluff but my love life has been amicable clamour for free interaction, free togetherness, openness with everything in touch. Love has got no definite path, it’s never independent, it is a parasite to the host, treat it well and it stays forever.



The sounds of Shiro my primary girlfriend can be recalled!
Shiro was one of her kind her personality was a saw where i perfectly fitted!
I used to raise fingers, but at her presence and appearance i never heckled!
When i was barely ten we part ways just because of the changing horizons!
And so my words that would have caressed her and all my conspiracies faded like the tides of Aswan high dam!
Where is my African queen?
The taste of having you closer is good but the fate changes when you are gone!
Yo my dear when i see you but you become my tedd bear🐻 when you are nigh! I sugar coat your ills coz I am the Hercules of your heart ♥ !
Yo break my heart a series of times just because you are not Shiro but i know well you wish to be with me in the darkest hours of your night!
And i wish to be with you in the brightest minutes of my day!
*mada mada daisu* describes what the way is for me!
Your tears sting my heart like the spears of phillistines!
Just be coz yo don know my fate! doesn’t mean you hate!
But my ego tells that you are my true half!
I’ll be tamed for you to be untamed!
Where is my Shiro??



Ni time nyingine ya kutulia
Refresh your mind uache kulia

God is talking take heed and everything hear!

Akiongea English yake ni fine thankyou hata sonko haezi sinzia

Its Easter and we all must go boomy and not gloomy

Ati *the king has died long live the king*

Ok! now the king is back what shall we say?

Word of mouth haijawahi tosha nliskia ati *let majority to have their say*

So how abt man-johority?

Nafikiria vitu most but acha tuseme hizo ni tales zime fade

Si Easter haijawahi fade juu naiskia daily kama sauti ya mamaa

Ndo maana hata narecite since si kelele kama alarm ya kaduda

Ilitake time but najiuliza mbona centurion waliamua hivo?

Like how  do you stop the sun from rising in the East ?

Manze place mlikanyaga ni juu ya mamba!

You can’t go scorts free!!

Ati mlidhani mmeshinda lakini it has just begun

It was the begining of greater things i say!

Curtains tore themselves into two from top to bottom

Tombs broke open!

And in a nut shell, 

Centurion walipigwa earthquake wakatii!!🙉
Kitu inanibamba most ni Jesus hajawahi itwa ”the late”

Hata na mahater manzee what a fate?

Ma icons wa Africa kama Mandela, Mathai etc nawatii saana but jina yenu ya kwanza siku hizi ni ”the late”

Mnaona the difference? From hio reference?

Ama mnataka chem paper mwandike inference?

Na hao maCenturion naguess waliingiwa joto 

Nowanda hasira yao ilipanda kama ya Joho

Jesus pia alikuwa mtricky saana

Loyalty yake ilisurpass wengi saana

Aliplead na God after everything awaforgive

Hio ni move tricky saana

Again akasema “Lamasabaktanii” sio SOHCAHTOA

Tunahitaji forgiveness sio formula ya forgiveness

Ndio maana after three days alirudi ndaani ndani kabisa

Hio ndio Easter😎✊🏾

Tubarikiwe pamoja✊🏾

Happiest dawn for Dawn 😊

Singeacha hii siku ipite kama stare ya window shoper pale Mama Ngina strt

Of cause ni day kubwa for Dawn since dawn manzee

Immediately niliona frame ya dp nilijua itakuwa fame so plz don’t blame ‹hehe›

Kama Easter monday mi hurecall jina ‘ko kama another strength

Your politeness is always evident nakumbuka from raima’ na it was always unopposed  ‹mwenye ana oppose achukue kura atunase… Hehe›

You’re always full of enthusiasm i know a day’s sun never settles without your say on sth wise

God alikupea sauti ingine dulcet design ukiimba ma”hater” hubadilika followers in duplicates ‹hehe›

Yees i mean ile voice sweeter kushinda honey

Like an ocean of innocence your eyes hypnotize many

Not leaving your face which mesmerize many

The english dictionary has no complete words to describe you

Nko sure madem wakikuona hao huficha white ‹ati jogoo ya shambani haifai kuwika kijijini … Hehe›

You are always happy because it inspires sad people like us to push on

Nkikaa karibu na wewe i guess forever ntakuwa nasmile

Bytha nifundishe kale ka smile yako 

I guess itascare wasee wamejam siku ya SMA ‹hahaa›

Your birth day to me sounds like celebration day 

Though yo still born

Happy birthday Dawn!!! 

🍚🍔🎂📍have a blast of it Esther


Like a train off the track, 

Like a river off the course, 

Like a soul looking for peace, 

I am perfectly immersed in land of deceit.. 
I am trying to find solace, 

I am running away from voids, 

But then i realize that am the voids

And the solace is in me
Peace to mee has been like a jar of dreams

The moment i try grabbing it

My dreams sway away like a drop of vinegar in the ocean of honey😥

Becoz some burn the midnight candle to arrogate it
It is bold, evident and clear in words so rich and true

In the first stanza  of our anthem

“May we dwell in unity, Peace and liberty… ”

Or is it a fake stanza? That fades away immediately we sing? 
I’m still immersed in tha land of deceit, 

Some of our churches where peace should originate from have turned into political backyards and forums so

Where is the love of God?

We kill his heart daily he is now heartless
Listen!!! God is love, 

And trust me he is about to send the white dove, 

I bet this is the peace we need there4 blieve✌🏾
Like a prayer in every piece of land, 


Let your peace reign once and for all, 

So we wont suffer from any other fall, 

Longing for a day we shall stand tall, 

And proclaim “yes am truly ok” in voices not odd, 

And say an 🗣Amen in unison😋😊
Peace kende✌🏾✌🏾



    Every time i look into your eyes 

    It makes me want to cry 

    Itd be a lie if suppose i did not admit getting lost in your eyes

    The beautiful green orbs

    They look grey as corpse

    They engulf me at times and make me feel all sorts

    The fact they are beautiful for males makes me feel pale and weak

    Theyll tell certain tails of how you were once a brocken sail 

    I love you with everything I have 

    Though saying this to you may be hard coz you’ll grow sad

    My backstory makes you mad  but i love you as you make me more glad

    I never wanted to live before but you gave me an insight for life

    Now that my heart has been tored terribly I need to give you opportunity indoor

    Please allow me redeem myself and say that i am growing in health 

    And may be someday you’ll know that though without wealth 

    I love you more than life itself 😊😋 

    In the due time God’s grace shall be sufficient and I’ll do a tune with my new catch guitar 😉

    Peace of heart

    God above all the galaxies all i see is you
    You have often taught me the need to be a peacemaker

    Even the songs i listen to speak peace always

    “Natukae na amani” is just a phrase in the our anthem

    But why have we never found peace??

    Or should we apply the famous “Amani haipatikani kwa ncha ya upanga” thing?

    You said love is the greatest of all and that it comes with everything

    But why has peace not come??

    Our land is divided and people are not one !!

    Throwing blames and pointing fingers has been our new routine of life

    “shida yako ” has been our new catch vocabulary

    Where we need to unite people keep lefting and we end up in cold wars 😢😢

    The government that really needs to pay a little attention have apparently been on flight mode

    God you are the only one who can never be a “mteja” when i call 

    The rest are just a mystery and for sure misiri sitaki tena

    One thing i have always learnt is that light will always come at the end of the tunnel

    The rare pages of Galatians said that in the fullness of time the Lord shall send fourth his son who shall behold get us out of the demn mess we are in

    Help us be meek in spirit and give us back the unity we had in the faded days

    A yearning soul needs peace of mind 

    Open a new page of peace in my life today and make me be your work of art



    Far we are

    Far we are and far we’ve come from 

    Drowning is our hearts

    Though not at the banks

    Withering is our hearts 

     though my art is not constraited

    My foul may not count but trust me my penalt will 

    Najua siko pale God but with you I’ll be at the terminal

    Wondering has been part and parcel

    But soon rejoicing will be my perfect potion

    Najua ups and downs are there for us but also 

    We become strong because of the struggles

    God time is the best

    The insight

    There are several dynamism that have always misled Kenyans. The so called “philosophies ” that have always been used since the country got its independence. Kenyans have always been dumbfolded by and often we have never asked or tried to understand what realy this slogans mean. Our founding father Jomo Kenyatta used magendo (smuggling.) Then the second president Daniel Moi used nyayoism system (this is actually following the footsteps of the predecessor.) Our third president Mwai Kibaki again used kazi iendelee (this is to mean let’s continue the same spirit.) The very current policy of Uhuruto uses kusema na kutenda (this is saying and implementing.)

    The reason Kenya has always risen from scandle to scandle is because of these slogans. We will continue experiencing the social evils we do like corruption, embezzlement of funds, unjust and unfair rulings among others unless we become empirical and point out these things. 

    The truth is that , Kenya at this point should be a developed country but the reason why we will always be lagging behind as a third world country is because of the incompetent leaders we have. Our leaders have often concentrated on their stomachs more than the common mwananchi. We need to open wide our eyes to realise what kind of cloud has loomed over the head of our leaders.